Process Consulting

Refiner Products Manufacturing (RPM) has provided Process Consulting to the wood products industry since the company began in May 1988. Each of our process consultant staff has a minimum of twenty (20) years experience on refiner system equipment.

RPM provides Process Consulting at reasonable rates in the following ways:

  • Process evaluations
  • Process recommendations
  • Equipment recommendations

Both classroom and on-site process training on screwfeeders, digesters, and refiners

RPM’s process consultants send a written report of their findings and recommendations from the Process Consulting trip to the customer after the trip is complete.

RPM Assembly Rebuild & Spare Part Capabilities

Refiner Products Manufacturing (RPM) has done assembly rebuilds for the wood products industry since the company began in May 1988. RPM has modified the designs, upgraded the designs, and rebuilt the current designs of all the O.E.M.’s assemblies to allow for more production and more efficient operation.

RPM also has supplied current design parts, parts modified for specific applications. These redesigned parts help improve the equipment operation and production capabilities. The metallurgical changes for parts allow for extended wear life for all O.E.M equipment.

Andritz Sprout Bauer System

  • 12”/ 13” Thrust Bearing Assembly
  • 16”/21” Thrust Bearing Assembly
  • 12” / 13” Inlet Housing Rebuilds and Exchanges
  • 42-1CP Quill Assembly
  • 45-1CP Quill Assembly
  • 42-1B Quill Assembly
  • 45-1B Quill Assembly

Krima System

  • Inlet Housing
  • Plug Screw and Plug Throat
  • Inlet Housing
  • Plug Pipe
  • Shredder Screw and Housing
  • Pre Heater
  • Infeed Screw and Housing
  • Krima Disperser

Pallmann System

  • 13”/15” Thrust Bearing Assembly
  • Digester Gearbox Assemblies
  • Ribbon Screw Bearing Assembly
  • PALLMANN 44 Drop-in-Assembly

Sunds System

  • 9”/12” Cartridge Bearing Assembly
  • 13”/15” Thrust Bearing Assembly
  • 16”/21” Thrust Bearing Assembly
  • L-36 Drop-in-Assembly
  • L-36/42 Drop-in-Assembly
  • L-42 Drop-in-Assembly
  • LP-42K Drop-in-Assembly
  • L-44 Drop-in-Assembly
  • L-46 Drop-in-Assembly
  • L-46/50 Drop-in-Assembly
  • RG-54 Drop-in-Assembly
  • M-42 Drop-in-Assembly
  • M-48 Drop-in-Assembly
  • M-60 Drop-in-Assembly

Twin Flow System

  • 24” Twin Flow Refiner
  • 34” Twin Flow Refiner
  • 42” Twin Flow Refiner