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Refiner Products Manufacturing (RPM) has provided help on refiner systems to the wood products industry since the company began in May 1988.  RPM has modified the designs and application of Sunds Metso refiners to allow for more production and more efficient operation.


RPM provides the following products for your Sunds Metso Refiner:


· New Drop-in-Assemblies

· Rebuilt and Exchange Drop-in-Assemblies

· New Rotors and Plate Holders

· Rebuilt and Exchange Rotor and Plate Holders

· New Rotor Wings, Rotor Vanes, Center Plates,

 and Center Rings

· New Intermediate Pipe

· Rebuilt and Exchange Intermediate Pipe

· New Inlet Sleeve

· Rebuilt and Exchange Inlet Sleeve

· Reconditioned L series Grinding Housings

· Rebuilt and Exchange L Series Grinding Housings

· New Blowvalve Assemblies

· Rebuilt and Exchange Blowvalve Assemblies

· Air Cooled and Water Cooled External Oil Units

· Over 1000 spare parts for the L Series machines







If your mill needs help with your refiner systems, please click the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page, and either email us or call us to receive a quotation, or set up a mill visit. We also have an online quoting tool for your convinence. Just click the "ParttFinder" button at the top of the page.