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Advantages of Teflon/Fiberfil Lantern Ring


The advantages for the mill to utilize Teflon fiberfil lantern rings lay in the following areas:


· Extremely easy removal and installation due to flexible split design

· Reduces damage to the packing box and extends wear sleeve life

· Teflon fiberfil lantern rings stand up to all process conditions

· Successfully installed in over fifty mills as a direct replacement in all conventional metal lantern ring applications

· Most standard refiner Teflon fiberfil lantern rings are storeroom items


If your equipment has any of the above issues, Teflon fiberfil lantern rings should be a simple solution?


Steps to take advantage of Teflon fiberfil technology


1. Secure the proper direct replacement lantern ring for your application

2. Follow your company’s safety procedures

3. Remove old metal lantern ring

4. A simple twist at the v-cut and slide over the shaft (see illustration below)

5. Reinstall packing per O.E.M. specifications

6. Put equipment back in service


Teflon Fiberfil Ring makes for fast installation


V-cut Teflon/fiberfil Lantern ring makes for fast installation


























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