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RPM External Oil Unit Upgrade


RPM has recently identified a benefit in supplying all accumulator oil to the “lube side” during certain upset conditions.  The modification to RPM External Oil Units is a simple change and can provide additional benefits.  All new RPM External Oil Units will be provided with this new accumulate arrangement.  Below are the simple parts and instruction procedure to upgrade your current External Oil Unit.


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This kit consists of all needed parts to move the accumulator from the system “P” pressure line, to the low pressure bearing lubrication oil line.



Refiner external oil unit high efficiency upgrade kit



The Kit consists of (1) 14” replacement hose, (1) steel “T” & (1) JIC steel cap.



Remove the steel line between the accumulator and the “T” on the system “P” pressure line.

Disconnect the steel discharge line leaving the pressure relief from the elbow.

Replace the elbow on the pressure relief with the supplied steel “T”.

Install the 14” hose to the accumulator and the installed “T”.  Connect the steel discharge line.

Cap the “T” on the system “P” pressure line with the supplied JIC steel cap.

Charge accumulator with nitrogen at 25% of normal lubrication oil pressure.

Start the hydraulic system and check for leaks.


Refiner external oil unit before efficiency upgrade

 Accumulator lines as delivered with steel line before pressure relief valve



Refiner external oil unit after efficiency upgrade


Accumulator lines after installation with hose after pressure relief and cap




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