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plug screw throat blow back damper assembly thrust bearing assembly feed box outer plug pipe and wear liner inner plug pipe intermediate pipe and inlet sleeve grinding housing mechanical seal infeed screw infeed screw high compaction drive system high compaction drive system air cooled external oil unit mechanical adjustment assembly seal water assembly agitation and drive system automated drain valve quill assembly quill assembly kingsbury version quill assembly kingsbury version spring loaded

Please select an assembly. You may select by clicking on the balloons in the drawing or you may select from the list below.

Screwfeeder Assemblies
Digester Assemblies
Refiner Assemblies
5. Inner Plug Pipe Sleeve Assembly
11.Grinding Housing Assembly
2. Feed Box Assembly
6. Blow Back Damper Assembly
12.Automated Drain Valve Assembly
3. Plug Screw and Throat Assembly
7. Agitation and Drive Assembly
13.Blow Valve Assembly
4. Outer Plug Pipe and Wear Liner Assembly
8. Infeed Screw Assembly
14.Quill Assembly
9. High Compaction Drive Assembly
15.Quill Assembly Kingsbury Version
10.Intermediate Pipe and Inlet Sleeve Assembly
16.Quill Assembly Kingsbury Spring Loaded
17.Mechanical Adjustment Assembly
18.Mechanical Seal Assembly
19.Air Cooled External Oil Unit
20.Seal Water Assembly