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February 1999


Refiner Products Manufacturing would like to announce the hiring of Mr. Charles Owens as the Shop Production Manager for our new rebuild shop facility in Johnsonville, South Carolina.


Charles comes to us from International Paper’s MDF Fiberboard mill in Sellers, S.C. with over twenty-four (24) years’ of experience in the Forest Products Industry. For the past fourteen (14) years he has held the position of Maintenance Superintendent at the mill where he has gained vast knowledge of the operation and maintenance of the three (3) SUNDS Type LVP-42 Digester Units at the plant along with all the associated equipment needed to manufacture MDF. With Charles background and experience we feel he will strongly enhances RPM’S ability to better address the maintenance requirements of our customers, as well as improve the quality and production out of our rebuild shop.


We hope all of you get a chance to meet Charles at the Grand Opening of our new shop scheduled for the spring of 1999.





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