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April 2000


Refiner Products Manufacturing would like to announce the hiring of Mr. David Cox as an Inside Sales Representative.


David comes to us with over 13 years of sales, marketing and customer service management experience in the OEM automotive, heavy truck and furniture industries.  David will have responsibility for day to day inside sales and customer service functions.


As RPM’s business continues to grow and with our desire to be more responsive to our customer’s needs, David will spend most of the time in the Charlotte office in order to help RPM respond to your needs in a more timely fashion.  With David’s hiring, RPM has opened a new office in Charlotte with the following new numbers:


PHONE (704) 602-3070

FAX       (704) 602-3071


Our mailing and shipping addresses will remain the same.


We would appreciate you using this new number starting with this announcement.  The (704) 551-8029 number will be in service for the next 3 months with a reminder message to use the new number.


Enclosed is David’s business card, as well as those of Sid Prozinski, Rick Taylor and Rick Peace. Please replace the old cards as these new ones have current phone numbers and email addresses.


RPM would like to thank the over 100 mill locations we service today for helping us continue our growth and success.




If your mill needs help with your refiner systems, please click the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page, and either email us or call us to receive a quotation, or set up a mill visit. We also have an online quoting tool for your convinence. Just click the "ParttFinder" button at the top of the page.