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January 2008



Based on the trend of reduced Maintenance Department manpower and longer mean time between failures on refiner Drop-in-Assemblies / Quill Assemblies, beginning January 1, 2008, RPM will implement an improved warranty program.


The improved warranty will start with a one day service trip to your facility, which is included in the standard quotation for the rebuild of the mill’s Drop-in-Assembly / Quill Assembly.  This one day service trip will provide installation supervision and refresher maintenance training for your mechanics.  We feel this will be a big step in helping assure the mill maximum run time between failures.  Second, RPM will also provide an option on all Drop-in-Assemblies / Quill Assemblies rebuilds quotations for an additional year of warranty.  Included in this option will be one day of field service, timed around the one year run time anniversary.  We expect this trip to help the mill with inspection of the Drop-in-Assembly /Quill Assembly for any potential problems that may lead to a premature failure. 


RPM hopes that this change will continue to help our customers operate their refining systems at both the lowest cost and highest efficiency possible.  






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