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Refiner Products Manufacturing (RPM) has provided Process Consulting to the wood products industry since the company began in May 1988.  Each of our process consultant staff has a minimum of twenty (20) years experience on Andritz Sprout Bauer refiner system equipment.


RPM provides Process Consulting at reasonable rates in the following ways:


·  Process evaluations

·  Process recommendations

·  Equipment recommendations


We provide both classroom and on-site process training on Andritz Sprout Bauer screwfeeders, digesters, and refiners.


RPM’s process consultants send a written report of his findings and recommendations from the Process Consulting trip to the customer after the trip is complete.




If your mill needs help with your refiner systems, please click the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page, and either email us or call us to receive a quotation, or set up a mill visit. We also have an online quoting tool for your convinence. Just click the "ParttFinder" button at the top of the page.