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Sid Prozinski

Sid is one of the original founders of RPM and its current President.  Sid got his start in the Forest Products Industry in 1976 with American Defibrator working out of their Minneapolis office.  In the twelve years that Sid worked for American Defibrator (later to become Sunds Defibrator), he received varied experience in the design and manufacture of equipment for the Pulp, Paper and Fiberboard Industries.  The first few years were spent on the drawing board, then seven years in field service that included the installation and start-up of refiners in MDF, Hardboard and TMP plants throughout North America.  Sid completed his last couple of years with Sunds Defibrator working in regional sales covering the Midwest and Northeast areas of the United States. 


Sid focused on aftermarket sales in his region, which included refiner plates, spare parts, plug screws and field service.  This aftermarket focus gave Sid the inspiration to start a new company with other industry veterans that would specialize on the aftermarket sales for all makes of refiners and their related equipment.  The new company, Refiner Products Manufacturing, Inc was founded in May of 1988 and continues today with that same focus.


Sid’s background is as follows:


Schooling – St.Cloud Technical Institute

                   Associate Degree – Mechanical Design


1976-1980 – American Defibrator

                   Minneapolis, Mn                 

                   Job description – mechanical design and field service


1980-1988 – Sunds Defibrator

                   Minneapolis, MN

                   Job description – field service and regional sales

                                              Manager – refiner plate sales U.S.


1988-Present – Refiner Products MFG

                   Charlotte, NC

                   Job description – President and General Manager