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Doyle Crume

Doyle has over 17 years of experience in servicing, training, consulting and troubleshooting mills in the wood products and pulp and paper industries in the U.S. and Canada.  His primary expertise is working on Sunds machines, but he does have experience with Sprout, Krima, Pallmann and Bauer machines.  As a field service technician for RPM, Doyle is focused and passionate about providing the best field service in the industry.


  • 1977-1979  Owner/Operator of Dakota Machine & Foundry, Inc.
    • Developed and manufactured expandable polystyrene processing equipment
    • Started first aluminum foundry in South Dakota
    • Industrial and automotive machining
  • 1980-1990 Mereen/Johnson Machine & Foundry
    • Certified in balancing and vibration analysis
    • Machine wiring and controls
    • Certified welder and leadman/supervisor of welding department for 2 years
    • Lead-man/supervisor in machine shop for 7 years
  • 1991-2001  Sunds Defibrator / Valmet / Metso – Senior Service Engineer
    • Serviced chemical pulping equipment
    • Serviced mechanical pulping equipment
    • Responsible for installation and start-up of plants
    • Certified in vibration analysis – level I and level II
  • 2001-Present        Refiner Products Manufacturing – Field Service Technician
    • Service refiner systems (Sunds, Sprout, Krima, Pallmann, Bauer)
    • Service feed screw systems (Sunds, Sprout, Krima, Pallmann, Bauer)
    • Service chemical equipment (Sunds)
    • Perform vibration analysis