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Charles Owens

Charles came to work for RPM in early 1999 to run RPM’s first manufacturing facility.  Charles had worked for one of RPM’s customers prior to his employment.  As a former customer, Charles was able to see what type of company RPM was and liked the high level of customer service provided by RPM.  When INTERNATIONAL PAPER decided to shutdown their facility in Sellers, SC, RPM quickly added Charles to our growing staff of industry veterans with in depth knowledge of refining technology.


As a former Maintenance Manager, Charles understands what our customers face while trying to insure high uptime on their mechanical equipment.  With this knowledge, Charles does his best to assure the highest quality for all parts and rebuilds leaving RPM’s facility.


Charles’s background is as follows:


· 1965 – 1975 MOHAWK CARPETS

¨ Mechanic


¨ Mechanic

¨ Production Supervisor

¨ Maintenance Supervisor

¨ Maintenance Manager


¨ Rebuild Shop Production Manager

o Direct responsibility for all assembly rebuilds

o Direct responsibility for all new part shipments

o Manages all shop mechanics and machinist